True Dental Discounts Reviews

Would you like to read some reviews and testimonials about True Dental Discounts? Below are some of the member reviews and testimonials we have to offer. Visit our website to read more True Dental Discounts reviews and learn how you can save 20% – 60% on dental procedures for yourself and your family.


I needed a lot of dental work immediately. I searched the Internet and found True Dental Discounts. I signed up for the plan, scheduled my dentist appointment, and was able to use it 2 days later! The plan paid for itself in the first visit, with several X-rays and an extraction. I have had more work done since then and have saved over $1,000. I am very pleased with this plan.
– Linda, Tampa, FL

I don’t know what to say, and I am still in disbelief that I saved over 50% for a very expensive medicine that is so badly needed and most insurances will not cover. I am 42, live in California, and have been disabled for over twelve years now, and California Healthcare is horrible. I have served my State and Government as a Paramedic and other capacities. I feel used and forgotten by them. With the small amount of income I receive and the cost of living I don’t know how I make it.

Today I want to tell you when I handed my pharmacy, (Your coupon that was a piece of paper I cut out off the Internet), I was almost embarrassed. Although when I got my total, I thought there was a mistake for the price of my medicines. How can I thank you!! How can I repay you?
– Kris, California

I had a toothache but no dental coverage. I went online and found True Dental Discounts. I was unfamiliar with dental plans, so I did a little online research. I found that my dentist participated in the True Dental Discounts, Dental Plan and decided to sign up my family. I had to visit an oral surgeon to have the tooth removed. I saved a total of $90 off the normal cost for the general dentist and the oral surgeon. I experienced such great results, I want to share my story with everyone.
– Thomas, Rochester, NY


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